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Hello fellow jumpers!

I heard about this club just this morning, on WYPR, and could not help but have the biggest grin because Double Dutch (DD) has been a very, very special part of my childhood life. It is an international sport dear to my heart, that brings back great memories of my play time in the streets of Brooklyn, NY all the way to a public park in LA, California for a professional commercial shoot! I, currently, live in Edgewood, MD (about 40 min north of Baltimore) and would be most honored to be a member of such a beautiful club! 💯💕

Yolonda Tilford
Kim Nelson
Valerie Francies, Delegate & Capt DC/DMV
Maeva Dumena
Kim Nelson
Kim Nelson
Jan 22, 2023

@Elana Deleon good evening, I am Kim Nelson the Aberdeen Sub Capt. We meet on Saturdays at 10 in the Beach Creek parking lot weather permitting 811 Classic dr. I would love to chat more. How would you like me to communicate with you phone, FB messager or text?



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