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Maryland SubClubs

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Hi :)

I am choosing Columbia MD as this will be the closest for me. I look forward to meeting everyone and i am super excited to become apart of this. Now that I have signed up I'll complete the waiver and can we just come to the location on the meet up day to begin?

Good morning, my name is Lisa and I live in Bowie,Md. I look forward to meeting all of you.


Good afternoon ladies, I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon. The closes sub club is Bowie MD. I’m located in New Carrollton Md

A ( C C B M

Hi ladies, I received my shirt March 25th. I look forward to meeting up with you all soon!❤️🖤❤️🖤

Mikki Tompkins

Good evening,

I am excited to join the sisterhood. I just completed the waiver form and ordered my ordered my personalized t-shirt. The club that I chose is in Columbia. Do I have to wait to receive the t-shirt before I attend the meet-up?


Kim Nelson


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