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The 40+ Double Dutch Club is a unified sisterhood that exists to empower women
in mental health and physical fitness,
all while inspiring them in friendship, fitness, fun, and fellowship.


Heading 5

Making sure that our members receive their official 40+ DDC gear in as timely a fashion as possible to wear when representing the movement for meetups, activities and events

Connecting, engaging and fellowshipping with members in SubClubs throughout the world 


Heading 5

Tells the story of how God turned pain into purpose and is using the 40+ DDC to inspire, encourage and uplift women and their ally’s everywhere! 

Heading 5

Financial assistance for official members in an effort to support our sisters who are experiencing emotional, spiritual and/or financial challenges and showing not only through our words but also our actions that we are our sisters keepers.


Heading 5

Spreading the 40+ Double Dutch Movement by participating in events in the communities that we live,

work and play! 


We envision communities where women can live out their purpose as they walk in mental and physical health, encouraging and empowering themselves and other women over 40 while inspiring generations to come. 

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