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Hello My fellowship sisters! 🙋🏾‍♀️

My name is Toski pronounced Tah-ski some of my friends call me Kym for my middle name. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I'm a 46 year old Capricorn granny of 6 GrandBoys and 1 princess!! 🤩 I have 5 Mini me's 2 Men & 3 Ladies.

Growing up I used to be a double Dutch Tomboy!🫣 I didn't want to play with girls unless we were jumping rope! There was this young Lady named Peppy 🤩 Whom lived in Brooklyn Brevoort projects at 254 Ralph ave. and she used to have all the little girls out there in the little park in Brevoort on Ralph side and she would turn rope and sing song for us. She taught all the little girls how to jump rope! That's how I learned to jump DoubleDutch. I used to be on the swings doing the apple turnover and Spider-Man when you jump off the swing while standing up... man we used to stand up to make the swing go fast then in mid air and jump on the gate! I was the only girl in Brevoort at the time tomboying always wanted to be with the boys but Peppy was in the same park turning rope for the girls and Singing them songs 😊😌 I used to say what the hell are they doing?! I wanted to learn! That was something I didn't know and I wanted it! I needed it! I needed to know how to get in those ropes and jump. so I stopped playing with the boys long enough to learn how to jump. I learned and was good. I used to run 🏃🏾‍♀️ track and participate in Colgate with my school and never knew of the double Dutch leagues they had until I got older. I gotten pregnant at an early age and soon DoubleDutch died out of my life but whenever I saw a rope I was the Can I Get a jump type then kill it! 😊 I ran into a few problems living in Bklyn financially in and out of Shelters with my kids and decided to be a small time hustler and drug trafficker from Bklyn to Vermont. 🤦🏽‍♀️ That landed me 6 1/2 in prison. Out on time served with work crew. I graduated from Non-Traditional Employment for Women N.E.W. A Program I sort after the day before I was released. It's a entrepreneurship program that teaches and trains for Blue Collar Jobs. I hold titles such as Laborer, Carpenter, entry level Electrician, Crane rigger, Hoist Operator, as well as Superintendent for Residential Buildings Which I just got fired for 10/24/22 and went into business for myself and now I'm a Private Contractor, I do remodeling or professional cleaning! I'm into all the sports!! I Put God First and wear my heart on my sleeve!! I love sour not sweet things 🤷🏽‍♀️ Red is my favorite color Future and Rihanna are my Fav artist and Popeyes is the favorite all time foodie! I got the app! 🤣 And last but not least... I talk a lot 🤣😊! You can find me in the clutches of The HarlemWest Honeyz ❤️🖤 I love this SubClub! I dubbed the 40+DoubleDutchClub the 40+apostles! Have you heard the amazing stories of the SubClub members? This group changed a lot of lives for the better I heard! 😊😉 Me being one of them! So thank you for allowing me to share and I'll see you ladies Beyond the Ropes! ❤️🖤

Facebook: DoubleDutch Toski

Ig: Behindthescenesthings

TikTok: DoubleDutchToski!




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