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South Carolina SubClubs

Public·159 members

Columbia, SC

1. Hyatt Park

950 Jackson Ave

Columbia, SC 292203

Thursdays: 6:30 & Sunday: 2:30

CAPTAIN: Ruschille Ford-Ravenell

Laura Carey-Blackman
Ms. Miracle
Ms. Miracle
27 sept 2022

Hello Ladies! Can you tell me where are you from. I jump at Hyatt Park in Columbia, SC and and just never seen you all before. What day and time y'all meetup and maybe we can link together. We jump on Thursday at 6:30pm-8:30pm at Hyatt Park. and on Sundays at Hyatt Park Before August 30. Ruschille is our Captain as well. Please Clarity because we would love to expand our sub club and we are Soda City Sub Club and we just never seen you all before. So maybe the pics was posted for the wrong sub club because we have never seen these ladies in our subclub

Me gusta


Welcome to the 40+ DDC South Carolina SubClub group page! Y...
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