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Hi! Me and my 8 year old daughter just watched an episode of Lyla in the Loop on PBS, and it was about kids learning double dutch. She is really interested in watching how people do it in real life. I myself would love to begin - I don't know how to do it but I'd love to check it out. Would it be okay if we came to watch a practice?

Sabrina Williamson

Hi there! You don’t need to know how to jump to join. The club does have a few rules though. Only women over the age of 40, no men, no kids, no dogs. It’s a time for us to be kids again, no stress no mess 😜. At the moment our Portland Club meets at Matt Dishman Community Center, Saturdays at 9:30 am. If your daughter enjoyed watching a show about jumping rope, I bet she’d enjoy watching Beyond The Ropes on Tubi with you. It’s the 40plus documentary. Hope to meet you soon.



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