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Please forgive me for being giddy, but I have wanted to learn to double dutch since I was a little girl. My roots are country, and my sister and I only had one rope anyway (we would tie the other end to a fence). So I could only gaze in awe at this city girl activity whenever it showed up on the TV screen. I bought ropes a few years back and tried to get Ashe to start a class, but it didn't pan out. So yeah, I've never learned, but it's literally on my bucket list, so please humor me and know my spirit was ALWAYS willing but the flesh just never had the opportunity...before now! SEE Y'ALL NEXT WEEK!!!

Mohneeq Adams
Valencia Parker
Sep 03, 2023

Hello Jan. Welcome. My name is Tamika and I'm the captain for New Orleans, LA. Please call me. 504-535-3400.



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