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Indiana SubClubs

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❤ Shatel Coleman
10 Chicagoland women handpicked by God to help promote the brand by attending meetupsBrand Ambassador

Hello to all the ladies in Indiana who are apart of this amazing 40+Double Dutch Club Sisterhood! I am the appointed Brand Ambassador Support Lead assisting with all the IN Subclubs. Unfortunately there is only 1 subclub in IN & that is Merrillville.

The Indianapolis group is currently on hiatus because they do not have a Captain to lead the group. If there is anyone interested in becoming the Captain of this group or wanting to start a Subclub in any area of Indiana, please inbox Pamela Pelt Robinson or myself with your interest.

So until other Subclubs are born within the Indiana state areas, please come out & visit the ladies in the Merrillville area. The group currently meets indoors in Gary, IN at

455 Massachusetts Street

Hudson Campbell Sport & Fitness Center

Gary, IN 46402

Saturdays at 9:30a - 11:00a

Captain - Shirelle Combs

As we approach the season of Spring & warmer weather, the Merrillville Subclub will eventually start meeting outside at a Merrillville, IN location. Stay tuned for location change soon.❤

We Are

One Group

One Movement

One Sisterhood

With Many Locations!

❤WOOOW Factor Indeed!❤

Barbara Parker
Samantha Turman
Precious Eleby
Latrina Pugh


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