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Double Dutch Diaries (Book)
  • Double Dutch Diaries (Book)


    Double Dutch Diaries
    The Women Behind the Ropes

    Question: When was the last time you played outside with your friends? This book targets women over the ages of 40 years old. It encourages them to come OUT to PLAY!!!
    You will be inspired by the founder’s backstory and moving testimonies of friendship, fitness, fun and fellowship shared by the 40+ Double Dutch Club members of various shapes, sizes, skill levels and backgrounds from all over the world. They have all re-discovered the joys of just playing outside.
    What started out as a non-competitive playtime and a break from “adulting”, has now evolved into a sisterhood where women who never learned to jump join in. Many readers will be moved to join the Double Dutch club after reading this book.
    Why? Because it’s time for you to take time for YOU. Check it out today.

     Author: Phyllis Powell Pelt, MS, RN
    Retired Public Health Nurse & Nurse Educator

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