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Beyond The Ropes Podcast!

I feel like I share the testimony of how this 40+ Double Dutch Club started ALL THE TIME (no comments from you Juanita!) so I’m always surprised to hear that we have members who don’t know how this amazing movement began!

Catrina and I had the opportunity to share our story with some of our Orlando subClub sisters. But since we haven’t been able to go around to all of our subclubs just yet to tell the backstory behind this group, we are super excited about the launch of our Beyond the Ropes Podcast tonight! Season 1 consists of 10 episodes interviewing some of the women whose lives have been impacted by this movement and will air live on YouTube every Monday for the next 10 weeks-starting today!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to tune in or click the link on our website at 6pm PST/ 8pm CST/ 9pm EST!


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Unknown member
Feb 12

Societies establish a set of shared values, norms, and rules that guide behavior and promote order. These guidelines help maintain social harmony and provide a sense of stability and predictability


I love playing outside in Chicago I wouldn't take it back for anything I'm proud to be a part of this 40 plus club thank you for this club

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