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In this day and age, active outside play rarely exists. The 40+ Double Dutch Club’s participation in our

Health & Wellness Fairs have been a hit!

Pamela Robinson’s push for activity includes both the young and the young at heart! Parents have rediscovered fun inexpensive activity & students are discovering a new past time! 

Johnnetta Miller, Superintendent District 147

Some of my favorite childhood memories are me-just being a kid. A kid that learned and loved to jump Double Dutch everyday. Even as an adult I would see a jump rope and my eyes would light up instantly. It’s a happy place for me. The kid in me still holding on to her youth while playing with her girlfriends. Thanks to our founder Pamela Robinson I/we get to create new memories, make new friends, and form a sisterhood. A group of God-fearing women that play then pray before the street lights come on.

Catrina Dyer- Taylor

I love this club so much! I used to jump double dutch as a young girl and well into my teenage years. When I saw this posted on Facebook, I just knew with out a shadow of a doubt that I had to join. This has become an amazing way for me to incorporate some high intensity cardio in my workout regime. I am sure this will be an integral part of my weight loss journey and my overall improved health. I really enjoyed the friendships that I have already made in such a short time. This is an amazing group of ladies, and I am so grateful for the founder, Pam and all the ladies for allowing me to join such an incredible group!!


The Crisis: "At one point in my life I struggled greatly with low self-esteem, depression, being extremely overweight, and severe anxiety, as well as many health issues like Congestive Heart Failure, Anemia, Hypertension and most recently blood clots that I had no idea where they came from. These have been exacerbated by working too much, putting too much pressure on myself, not taking care of my health, putting others first and lack of fitness, along with other external stressors."

The Change: "[Eventually] I became so stressed out, depressed, and imbalanced that I found myself going into a deep dark place, I knew this was not what I wanted or even what God wanted for me. I began, to do the only thing I knew to do and that was to pray and trust God and know he is the same God Yesterday, Today and Forever!.

The Cure: 40+DOUBLE DUTCH CLUB!!!!! When, I knew that I was tired and needed to wait for a word from God; it was revealed to me that I had to be more impactful, inspiring, and encouraged in my own life. Listen, I am a person that can be there for everyone else and forget to be there for RoShawnda. I absolutely, love being there for others to inspire them to be their best! I started exploring lifestyle changes for myself but also wanting to do what I love and that’s to help others while secretly helping myself. One day, I was home, off work, recovering from a hospitalization when I saw Pam and Catrina (the founders) and the 40+ Double Dutch Club on Windy City Live. I got so super excited that I knew I had to be a part of something like this. It was presented in a way of just what I was seeking and asking God for; to have some fun, build some new friendships and get more fit!, Again, like I said I needed something for me as well as fulfilling my purpose to serve others! I thought to myself I have to get connected Now, I went on the page, asked to become a member, watched the page to see their style, and where they were located. After, watching the page for 2 days I knew I had to reach out to Pam to see what I can I do to be a part of this amazing movement, to bring a sub-club to Oak Park or the west side to reach other women that she may not even know that needs this in their lives; While still carrying out her mission and vision Pam and I had long discussions and it all just felt right in my spirit!. I believe she felt it was an opportunity to reach out to other women as well and that It felt right in her spirit too, because we were immediately engaged and connected. I love the club, I believe in the vision, mission and how it was birthed by Pam from a place in her heart to overcome barriers in her life. It made total sense to me at that point that God heard my cry, and provided just what I needed and staying in the same vein of helping his people. In the club we Jump, bring back childhood memories, laugh, giggle, and for 1.5 hours we forget we have other things in our lives to do we just focus on the time we are having fun together! We pray, encourage, inspire, uplift and have lots of funs while reliving some of our greatest childhood memories along with taking care of our temple! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE the 40+DOUBLE DUTCH CLUB!!!

RoShawnda's Tip: "I've learned that its ok to go boldly before God’s throne and ask for your heart desires, I did, and he provided me with just what I needed, to have fun (I needed this for my sanity), build new friendships and be FIT all at the same time. So, I say come out to one of the sub-clubs and I promise you will not regret your time with us!!!!

RoShawnda Thompson, 48 Oak Park, Sub-Club

This club brings back so many memories when I was a little girl. Jumping rope, hop scotch is what we did in the neighborhood. Young girls these days have lost sight of what it is to be a little girl and have fun. This group can help changed their minds and see that women of all ages can become one. A sisterhood. 
I used to jump as a kid loved it but wasn’t that great. Looking forward to getting exercise, with people like minded.
I’m excited about meeting new ladies 40 & older I’m 50 and wanna stay fabulous and fit so thank you Pam for your vision getting together to enjoy the good old days with positive ladies from all over the world YOU GOT US JUMPING HUNTY...
I love the mission of this club; friendship, fitness and fun! As a woman over 40, I've often put everything and everyone first. Joining this club and becoming a sub-club team captain has allowed me to get active, connect with other women and finally make my health a priority! I'm looking forward to growing with this club and meeting everyone! Thank you to Ms Pamela Pelt-Robinson for your vision!
Michelle Joshua
This is beautiful. You have started a movement. 40+.
40+Double Dutch Club is who we were growing up,  it's exercise,  it's bonding,  it's a breath of fresh air,  it's here & it's our time, again!!!!
I just now joining excited 😆 to bring the kid in me back out . Come on ATL GA let’s do this 😊
Fun and exercise

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