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Good Morning Ladies! I want to say I love what you're doing. It is so inspirational and so need! Would any of the subgroups in the Fort Worth area be interested in doing a demonstration at the Funky Town Mindful Market on May 4th between 10-2? We are trying to raise awareness to healthy eating (Urban Gardens) and healthy living. What 40 Plus Double Dutch does makes exercise fun while improving the physical and mental health of a woman. Please 🙏🏽 contact me at @Dana M Holden @40+ DDC

Thank you and have a great day!

Nicola Graham

Hello Ladies! I’m Tina and I live in Arlington TX. I’m so excited to join you all in health,/wellness, sisterhood, faith, love and laughter!

Sharon Atkins
Yolanda Castille

Good morning Sisters! I am elated, excited to move to Texas! I would like to move to the Dallas area. I have recently rejoined w/a celebratory graduation at Friendship West Baptist Church last weekend.

I would like to be at the subclub that will be close to the church. Any assistance would be so appreciated.

Thank you and continue to be a blessing!


Hey 👋🏽 good morning. I'm looking for a sub group/groups in the Fort Worth area. Can someone direct 👉🏽 me to a contact person?



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