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Starting November 11th we will meet at the Matt Dishman Community Center. 77 NE Knott St. Portland Oregon, 9:30-10:30



I am new and extremely exited! Where are we practicing today?

Parnisia Thomas
Oct 28, 2023

Do we meet at the basketball court?



I just read an article in the NYT about the 40+ Double Dutch club, and here I am! I see that you meet at Irving Park at 9:30am on Saturdays. Is this a summer pursuit? Or do you play year round? Just curious.

I will try to join and bring my hula hoop soon! Haven't double Dutched since 5th grade. :-) I have a few individual jump ropes and can bring those. Oh, and 2 pairs of Kangoo Jumps - if that sounds like fun?!

Looking forward to jumping and playing with you all soon!

Parnisia Thomas
Oct 28, 2023

I do t see any further details.


Hi I’m new to the club. Are the meetups still happening? It’s been a looooong time since I have double Dutched. Is this A place for an old timer beginner again? and Should I bring my own jump ropes ? Thanks. Erin

Sabrina Williamson
Sabrina Williamson
Aug 29, 2023

Hi Erin! We meet Saturdays, 9:30 am at Irving Park in NE Portland. Yes this totally the place for an timer beginner again. If you have ropes, or hula hoop, bring ‘em. Ok if you don’t. We have some to share.



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