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Good morning my Sisters, I am reaching out on this day that the Lord has made. I want to briefly update you on my journey with 40+Double Dutch. I'm from a small town about 2 hours from St. Louis. When I joined back in 2019 I started my journey by traveling from Poplar Bluff Missouri to St Louis to meet up with my sisters. I was so excited that I had gotten one of the best parts of my childhood back. When I was in elementary school I jumped just about every day (in Chicago) but when I'd come back home for the summer (in Missouri) it was nothing but country living.....but after all those years I still had love for the ropes, and thank God for the extra curriculums. Unfortunately when codvid19 came on the scene it was a set back for all of us, thank God we made it through and He has allowed us to start again. When I joined 40+Double Dutch I was 50. 50ty fit🥰😇🙂 and since then life has happened. I have had some health issues, with congestive heart failure being my latest diagnosis.......but God has kept me from feeling sorry for myself. I'm still here and ready to get back to making new friends, having fun, getting fit and fellowship with my 40+Double Dutch Sisters. On Tuesday February 27th, Lords will, I will be turning 55. The plan is for me to be in St Louis for the Tuesday meet up. I am so excited all-over again. I'm looking forward to celebrating my birthday doing what makes my heart happy and thats 40+Double Dutch 💜🦋❤️

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