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Germany SubClub Meetups

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Landa Marie Midgley

Hi Germany SubClub Sisters ! I'm planning to arrive Frankfurt on Thursday, May 16th, 2024 and I'm hoping you have a Meetup that seems you're about an hour and a half drive from Frankfurt so please let me know if you'll be meeting up so I can try to include it in my plans ! Thanks !! hope to see you soon !

I’m here and sorry there was no meet up tonight.


I’m in Germany visiting and would like to know if the Germany subclub still active, since no response to post? Let me know.

thank you,

Erica Mclean

North Atlanta Subclub

Hello, I am traveling to Germany tomorrow until 10/15/23 and will be near Ramstein AFB visiting my son. Would love to come to your Thursday meet up. Will you be jumping on 10/12/23? Let me know and I’m excited to be visiting!


Erica Mclean

North Atlanta Subclub


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