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Greetings 40+DDC!

The City of Acworth is having a Juneteenth Celebration, Concert in the Park, tomorrow, 6/17 at 6pm. If you’re available, come join us.

To participate, members must have a red 40+DDC shirt with name and age, 40+DDC black leggings/capris or solid black leggings/capris. Must know the Vibe, and Come to the Party (Git On Up).

***Showcase jumping and hula hooping and then jump with the attendees.

If you don’t have the RED 40+DDC Tee and you want to participate, you can wear any 40+DDC logo shirt with name and age and cheer us on as a spectator during the showcase. You are welcome to jump with us in the park after the showcase. No Sister Left Behind.

Swan Fleming, SubClub Captain


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