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📣Parade & Pop Up📣

Juneteenth Parade

Centennial Park, Atlanta

Saturday, June 17, 2023

12:00 noon. Line up at 10:30

(See details and map)

We will participate in the parade with jumping and hula hooping. We will also do The Vibe (in rows) if time and space permits during the parade.  After the parade, we will have a red and black tent set up at Centennial Park where we will Jump with attendees, recruit women over 40 who are interested in joining our Sisterhood, and enjoy the Juneteenth festivities. I will let you know the location once I set up on Saturday morning.

Everyone MUST wear the RED 40+DDC “Performance” Tee with name and age and preferably the 40+DDC leggings or capris to participate in the parade.  If you wear solid black leggings, please make sure your leggings are not see through and they don’t fall down when you jump. We are only showcasing our Double Dutch skills. 😊 40+DDC is a big deal at the Juneteenth parade and we will be highlighted for 90 seconds.  At that particular time, I’m asking that we showcase our skilled turners and jumpers.  We want to represent 40+DDC.  The parade will be televised!

If you don’t have the RED 40+DDC Tee and you want to participate, you can wear any 40+DDC logo shirt with name and age and cheer us on as a spectator during the parade.  You are welcome to jump with us in the park after the parade. No Sister Left Behind. My number is (678) 368-5771 if you have any questions.

Swan Fleming, 2023 Georgia Delegate

Tricia Berry


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